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Raymond Cooper # T-67344

P.O. Box 409089

Mule Creek State Prison


Ione, Ca 95640-9089


Raymond learned to read in prison and is an avid reader! Incarcerated at the age of 16; he is now 39 and has little to no family! As Sonny's cellie, he took care of Sonny during Sonny's strokes, seizures and subsequent paralysis. Parole has been denied on multiple occasions!

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Hello Ray. This is Loretta, the niece of Dwight Abbott. Do you remember me? My husband is Filipino and uses a wheelchair. My dad, Danny Abbott, visited Uncle Dwight last weekend and said that he was able to speak briefly with you and that you may be getting out soon. So you have mentioned your daughter many times. Will you live near her when you leave CHCF?  Dad said you plan to visit the Philippines. I forgot which part you are from.... We have been in Makati for almost three months but will be flying back in just five days.

This afternoon, Larry is enjoying singing karaoke with his brother in law and nephew. All three of them are excellent singers and so they enjoy mixing their voices and hearing each other try to sing super high songs like Air Supply.

That took a little break because it is 3:30--time for mirienda snack. I made french toast and we brought syrup from the States. Our brother in law, Vhic, joked that "We are always eating and eating." Laughter erupted when he added, "No more when Larry and Loretta go back to the States!" Everyone laughed because it is so true. We bring the American abundance of money-$20 a day. With that, Vhic walks to the palenke market and buys fresh meat, fish, fruits, gulay...each morning.  Larry's sister is an excellent cook and is able to feed 7 to 8 people delicious lunch and dinner using only that $20 per day. Today we had an ulam I am sure you know well. She made beefsteak with onions and potatoes. Hopefully you are not hungry when you read this letter. The meat and fish here are so much fresher than in the States. My favorite fish is Talakito with sour soup. Larry's sister, Helen also fries GG, galangan fish so the skin is crispy. I'm having fun trying to make you hungry. Joke lang.

Soon you will be eating all these delicious kinds of Filipino food too. I will dilligently pray that God will lead you as you yield to Him and bless your future, that He will go ahead of you and level the path in Jesus' mighty name.

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