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Redding Redeemed's 'Poster Inmate';

Now a confessed Christian!

Dwight [Sonny] Abbott T-88033

California Health Care Facility

P.O. Box 32080 D-7A-101

Stockton, Ca. 95213-2200

Dwight is serving four life terms in The California Health Facility at Stockton. He was transferred from Salinas Valley State Prison; level IV, as his recent paralysis left him paralyzed; in a wheel chair; and foolishly considered: "No longer an Escape Risk"? He is already an accomplished author. His credits include the books: "I Cried You Didn't Listen" & "CONSEQUENCE": the aftermath

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Who will love me for me? Song:

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An early Winner of the "Project Censored" Award of Excellence; I Cried, You Didn't Listen is a powerful story. It is shocking, haunting and brutal. Although it is a rare and valuable document, what is exceptional is not Dwight Abbott's experience, but his clarity and courage in sharing that experience. Dwight tells the disturbing tale of a very young child, first committed to the care of the state because of family tragedy and bad luck. Once institutionalized, he must learn to live within the cruel dynamics of a system that grants power through violence and leaves children at the mercy of predatory adults. He is continually faced with the need to choose between dehumanizing options: Be predator or be prey. Even in Dwight's description of racialist violence we see the effect that the social system has had on him – cementing stereo-types and prejudices that become self-fulfilling prophesy. Dwight's account is terrifying. Upon reading it, one must recognize that, faced with the stark choice between victimizing another and being a victim oneself, the morals and values that make sense in freedom fall away. Perpetrating violence appears as the best option for self-preservation. This is the fundamental dynamic at work in Dwight's institutional life. I Cried, You Didn't Listen shows that, within incarcerating institutions, violence in all its forms – sexual assault, cliques, crews, gangs, emotional abuse – is essentially about power and control both over and above one’s own sense of self. -Books not Bars

Sonny's former & present Homes

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The Ministry goes on!

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