Church of the Redeemed is in Transition! Patience is appreciated; we LOVE YOU! We have integrated with LifeGate: 1139 Hilltop Drive, Redding, Ca. 96003;  530-710-7102

EMAIL us, if you wish! We meet every Sunday starting at 10am. Worship is from 10 to 11; Sharing is from 11 to 12. Snacks, coffee and potluck served with Much Fellowship and Love; is from 12 to 12:30 ! 

Our Bread Delivery Ministry is back up ! Do you need bread; vegetables; chips; fruit and pastries? Better yet; do you have a hungry neighbor.....? Come to Church Sunday and pick it up, FREE, and Deliver some LOVE!  Help is also  found below and on our "Food Banks" page!

Call 211 for ALL immediate needs and questions!

Salvation Army: 222-2207

Good News Rescue Mission: 241-5754

  Merry  CHRISTmas

Ongoing Church Happenings up to and beyond Sunday, December 15, 2019. Feel free to TAKE this bulletin Home! We try to update all announcements weekly; in church and Online!  ---



  1. Announcements If you [ALL churches welcome!] would like ANYTHING placed in this bulletin; see Skippy and/or Email him at!

  2. ALL FREE! Laundry; wash, dry, food, drinks, detergent, clothes, bedding, Haircuts and Loving Fellowship on Lake Blvd third Monday of EVERY month! Tomorrow: December 16, is up next! Sponsor: Light House Church: Check out our brother/sister church on FaceBook!

  3. Open mike night is at Light House Church! Every Monday evening, 6:30 PM!

  4. GNRM: FREE CHRISTmas Celebration Serve and/or hoark Food AND get a FREE winter coat while supplies last! : This Friday December 20, 12pm – 6pm!

  5. Salt and Light Ministries Serves a Free Love Meal with clothes and Goodies.. at Empire Recovery parking lot alongside of The Hope Van; 1237 California St. at 8am the last Tuesday of Every month! Next one will be December 31! All Welcome!

  6. Prison LOVE Ministry! Letters are being sent and received! Inmates send Love and Thankyou’s! Are you enjoying Thanksgiving and CHRISTmas? now has a Prison Ministry page introducing ‘semi-hospice’ prison inmates with stories, pictures, testimonies and addresses where you can contact and write. Most of these prisoners are in for life and the only ‘Thanksgiving-CHRISTmas feast’ they will have is reading YOUR love letter! ‘Visit’ Our King, while He is in prison. If you wish to preserve some privacy, you may use Lifegate address as return address in care of your name.

  7. ! at 1072 Lake Blvd, near Poppies Pizza, 10 am – 2 pm,:

  8. Redeemed/Lifegate now have a large Warehouse; “The War Chest”, with offices off Airport Road at 20202 Charlanne Dr. SEE it NOW on Google Maps: East of Frito Lay. ALL Church members are encouraged to participate and help also! Clear through Micah and/or Robert! We have a stocked Warehouse! Call Micah to arrange for fully vetted contact. Fridays are shaping up as our major day to work..etc. Call first.

  9. NEED A RIDE TO/FROM CHURCH? “Shasta Connect” Has Launched! is excited to announce that our Sunday transit service is ONGOING! Shasta Connect is working on online account entry! As for now, contact them by Voice phone: 226-3075 or Cell Phone folk can download the App to arrange a FREE Sunday ride to church and back! The Southern Boundary is Garvan Road [Near Clear Creek Market]. The Northern Boundary is Caterpillar Road [near Tire Cobbler - Western Glass]! You must arrange a Sunday Free Ride no later than Thursday! Tell EVERYBODY you know and spread the word! xxoo
    😍🤩😘. Check out our website, download our app, and get ready to travel anywhere in our service area on Sundays - on-demand. Call 530-226-3075 for more Information and/or reservations! 

  10. ALL ‘regular’ Church members: Please feel free to make your own snack bags to give away! Skippy will give you ONE snack bag after service! Please sign in for bag! If you need more than one, please ask Skippy first! Skippy can only make so many, as he is a decrepit old man!  Also PLEASE introduce yourselves to our shy new-comers and make SURE YOU ask if they would like a Snack Food bag and/or bread and then get it for them!  If you wish a bag of bread for yourself and/or to share with your neighbors and/or strangers, look on the back table/floor!

  11. Calling for ALL Testimonies of The Children of the King! Church of the Redeemed/Lifegate will facilitate public sharing of ALL Churches’ testimonies [and amazing tales!] Directly Submit and Read Local Member Testimonies and stories in our Redeemed/Lifegate Archives at

  12. Reminder: Men’s Prayer is meeting at Lifegate from 7-9 PM Mondays. Bible Study Meets at LifeGate from 6:30-9 PM on Tuesdays.

  13. Sunday Services is casual Potluck. Thanks to ALL who contribute. Mike is bringing bread for ALL through his Ministry with Loaves and Fishes! Other Needs 24/7 - Immediate Help with ANY problem or issue is ALWAYS available! Emotional and/or physical; Daily Meals, Food bags, emergency housing, clothing, Medical, Dental, Etc. Resources on Church cards; FaceBook, and website. Ask, seek and knock! If you would like some help and/or Church cards to pass out; ask Skippy. If you wish to take Leftover potluck food AFTER everybody has eaten, please clear it with Skippy first! We Love you!

  14. Baby it IS COLD outside! Want to Help the poor and homeless [Jesus]? Cruise the Garage sales! Clean: Blankets/sleeping bags; jackets; socks; shoes, warm hats/gloves and tarps! Clean out your dusty food pantries! Bring the Love Loot to Church! A special thanks to our ‘unsung’ heroes who bring fruit and vegetables and goodies! The Lord will take and multiply from there! Another option: Go to [Call 211] any of the many food pantries/banks and pick up a bag of food for yourself and/or for your neighbors or other Church Members! “Humble yourself…. And BOLDLY reach out!”

  15. Lifegate & Redding Redeemed are on Facebook ; Yelp: Google and Websites have MANY announcements & additional links and details.

  16. Cell phones off, and raise your hands to speak please! We Love You!

  17. Please help us clean up after church service-meals. Wipe down your own faces & tables; Clean Bathrooms; pick up trash; put chairs up; Vacuum etc! Thankyou Keano and Mike for All your Help!

  18. Hope Outreach with Free Medical help; Dental and needle exchange occurs Monday through Friday: 8 AM to 3 PM at different locations Generally on Fridays, a hot meal; food; toiletries; clothes etc. is available at the Shasta County services location on 2415 Breslauer Lane; meal from about 8:30 am to 10:30 am with many different Ministries hosting!,-122.3820528,3a,60y,1.17h,93.68t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sIiuUo8qGalKUzkmL0F6Slg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656.

  19. Call 211 or Online: / Norcal for IMMEDIATE help in ALL issues and questions!

  20. Free Bags of food! GNRM: EVERY FRIDAY 8-10 am! Salvation Army 2691 Larkspur Ln, TUES AND THURS, 9-11:30 am!

  21. GNRM: 3 meals a day 24/7; Breakfast 6:30 am: Lunch 12 pm [Sunday 1:00 pm]; Dinner 5:30 pm; food give-away;: Friday from 8-11 am. Also lodging; showers; clothes: Salvation Army Wed and Thursday 9 to 11:30 am. Bus ride Home at BOTH facilities!

  22. Above ALL: Always greet and treat ALL in Love!

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We are  a "Feed My Sheep" Ministry.

We come together on Sundays to worship, break bread and fellowship!

The rest of the week;  we seek out "The Least of These" providing food, clothes and most of All:


1139 Hilltop Drive
Redding, California 96003
Phone Our Pastors Direct!:
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